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Enhance your style, boost your confidence, and captivate any audience with our expert-led Presentation Training Public Workshop.
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This is for 1 person or a private group.

Join thousands of professionals who have transformed their presentation skills with our proven techniques and strategies. Whether you’re pitching to clients, speaking at conferences, or leading team meetings, our workshop is designed to elevate your public speaking abilities.

What You'll Learn

Master Your Style

Learn to present with poise and confidence that resonates with your audience

Craft Compelling Content

Structure your presentations for maximum impact with clear, persuasive arguments.

Engage and Persuade

Techniques to engage your listeners and persuade effectively.

Voice Control

Use your voice effectively to hold attention and express your points.

Handle Questions

Techniques to handle live questions confidently and maintain control of the presentation.

Why This Workshop Is Essential For You

Boost Confidence

Overcome public speaking anxiety with our confidence-building practices

Drive Results

Equip yourself with the skills to influence decisions and drive outcomes.

Increase Engagement

Learn how to keep your audience interested and responsive.

Professional Growth

Enhance your professional image and open doors to new opportunities.

About the One-Day, Private, Public Speaking / Presentation Training Workshop

Effective public speaking is a crucial skill in today’s communication-driven world. Whether you’re delivering a speech, a PowerPoint presentation, pitching a business idea, or leading a crucial virtual meeting, the ability to convey your thoughts clearly and persuasively sets you apart. Our 1-Day Public Speaking / Presentation Training Public Workshop is designed to transform your speaking abilities, equipping you with the techniques and confidence needed to captivate any audience.

Just You or Your Group

Personal attention. Completely customized around your needs. In pre-training calls, you will share what you need. We will suggest a curriculum that you know will help take you to the next level.

The Pain of Inaction

Lacking proficiency in public speaking can significantly hinder your professional and personal growth. Imagine the impact of a faltering speech or a disjointed presentation on your audience’s perception. These missed connections can result in lost opportunities, reduced influence, and a diminished personal brand. Conversely, mastering public speaking opens doors, commands respect, and can elevate your career to new heights.

Workshop Overview

This comprehensive workshop covers all facets of public speaking and presentation:

  • Speech Construction: Learn how to build compelling and memorable speeches.
  • Powerful Deliveries: Master vocal techniques and body language to keep your audience engaged.
  • Effective Use of Visual Aids: Enhance your points with powerful PowerPoint slides and other tools.
  • Virtual Engagement Techniques: Gain skills specific to engaging virtual audiences.
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: Develop strategies to handle live questions confidently and effectively.

Participants will engage in practical exercises with immediate feedback, ensuring skills are not only learned but mastered.

Benefits of Attending

By attending this workshop, you will gain:

  • Enhanced Confidence: Overcome anxiety and build confidence through guided practice and expert feedback.
  • Greater Persuasiveness: Acquire techniques to make your arguments more persuasive and ensure your message has the desired impact.
  • Skill in Audience Engagement: Learn to read and react to audience cues, maintaining and heightening engagement.
  • Advanced Presentation Capabilities: From crafting to delivery, elevate your ability to use visual aids and digital tools effectively.
  • Year-long Support: Receive a $4500 value post-training program including ongoing access to educational materials and expert advice to continually refine your skills.

Detailed Breakdown of Sessions

  • Session 1: Crafting Your Speech: Strategies for organizing your content into a powerful narrative.
  • Session 2: The Art of Delivery: Techniques for using your voice, gestures, and spatial awareness to captivate.
  • Session 3: Visual Aids Mastery: Practical tips for creating and utilizing visuals that support and enhance your message.
  • Session 4: Engaging Virtual Audiences: Tactics for overcoming the challenges of virtual presentations and meetings.
  • Session 5: Dynamic Q&A: Build agility in handling spontaneous interactions and turning challenging questions into opportunities for further engagement.

Call to Action

Elevate your speaking skills and amplify your impact. Register now for our Public Speaking / Presentation Training Workshop. With limited seats available and the added bonus of a year-long support program, this opportunity is one you can’t afford to miss. Secure your spot today and start your journey to becoming a powerful public speaker.

Meet Your Trainer

Jess Todtfeld

With 20+ years of experience in corporate training and a seasoned public speaker, Jess Todtfeld has empowered more than 100,000 professionals to take their presentation skills to new heights. Featured by ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS, his innovative and dynamic approach will transform your public speaking abilities.”

Jess Todtfeld, Presentation Master Trainer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our workshop.

Do I need prior experience in public speaking?

No prior experience is required. This workshop is designed for anyone looking to improve their presentation skills.

What materials will be provided?
  • All participants will receive a comprehensive workbook, access to practice videos, and post-workshop resources.


Is there follow-up support after the workshop?

Yes, we offer follow-up sessions and access to an exclusive alumni network for ongoing support.”

What if I have more questions?

Just reach out to us:

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  • A year of post-training
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